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The Bachelor Degree Program of Funeral Services at Tajen University was founded in 2015. The establishment of the program is important in terms of cultivating students to be professionals in funeral etiquette services and developing life and death Education, while incorporating the policies of the National Funeral Services of Taiwan.

Through complete and systematic curriculum planning, the program has not only helped equip our students with the necessary capabilities, but has helped them obtain professional licenses. It aims to enhance the student’s technical ability as well as professional competence in the culture, education, and management of the mortuary industry. In addition the program prepares students to be practitioners and innovators in funeral services, to attend professionally to the needs of customers, and eventually strengthen our graduates’ employment competitiveness to become successful members of our nation’s expanding Funeral Services industry.

At present, the funeral industry is trending towards specialization. Obtaining funeral services certification has become important and necessary. Funeral service providers must constantly strengthen their on-the-job training of employees to enhance their service level. Graduating from our program will help future practitioners to establish a professional image and enhance the quality and the social status of the funeral industry.